Yom Meuchad

Wednesdays at camp are special days: our specialists are gone for days off, and our counselors plan an entire day of programming based around a theme.  Today, one of the more amazing Yamim Meuchadim that I have ever seen is happening: Magshimim and Amitzim are having a joint day of programming. 

I have not been able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked, but I have seen several of the programs throughout the day, and I have been very much moved by the image of Magshimim campers and staff working hand in hand with Amitzim campers and staff to have a terrific day.  They have some fun programs, and some serious programs, but in the end the message is heard loud and clear, although no one here has to say it: we are all one community.  We have many ages and programs here at Camp Ramah, but in the end, the fundamental essence is this: we are one community.   

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