Yom Meyuchad (Special Day): adat ha-Solelim

Once per week, our entire Machaneh (camp) has a Yom Meyuchad — when all the regular peulot (activities) and chugim (electives) do not take place.  Rather, the Tzevet (staff) of each edah is tasked with creating an entire day of fun, engaging, participatory activities all around our machaneh for their chanichim (campers).  The Tzevet then runs those activities for the full day.  There is a theme for each edah that gives a hint at what is to come! It is a great change in routine that enables the entire edah to bond with each other — chanichim and madrichim (counselors) alike.  These chanichim in adat ha-Solelim are enjoying their Yom Avatar Yom Meyuchad.  Some of the peulot (non-exhaustive, yet exhausting list): Animals of the Avatar World, Toph’s Senses, Water Bending Trivia, Glidah Gladness, Air Bending (Speed Ball or Swordmaster), and Beyonce.  Our Tzevet plans and executes this day-long, complex program with their brilliant creativity and ingenuity, as well as their organizational and administrative skills.  And of course — the final product is super fun!

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