Yom Pack Kayitz 2019

Yom Pack is a very busy day at camp! It’s the final Friday of each Machzor (session) when we get ready to say goodbye and do lots of packing! Our Tzevet Anaf (bunk staff) is joined by Mumchim (senior staff) to help pack up each chanich (camper) in an organized manner. We’ve been through many Yom Pack’s and have a fabulous system that we use to keep everyone organized and on track. So as we pack up all of our chanichim, we know that not only are we sending them home with the things that they brought with them to Machaneh Ramah, but we are also sending them home filled with wonderful memories, beautiful art projects, new friendships, and a strengthened connection to the Jewish people.

Categories: Tzad Aleph, Tzad Bet