Yom SolelAwesome!

Today was the last Yom Meyuchad of the summer for Solelim 2009, and we decided to end with some activities that would allow our chanichim to keep this experience with them forever – literally.  The day itself, which we named "Yom SolelAwesome," was filled with fun activities that reminded our campers (as if they had forgotten) just how great an edah we are.  We spent some time focusing on the meaning of our edah name – Solelim – or "The Road Pavers" in English.  We had a relay race in which "road pavers" lay down towels (road) for the campers (cars) to drive across.  In the end of the day, the campers split into groups and each group had to build a "highway" out of benches, tables, tape, sticks, and other supplies.  After the highway was constructed, the campers had to roll a tennis ball down it without the ball falling off.
As for taking the summer home, the campers spent time working on two take home projects.  As a part of our Shabbat-at-Home take-home project, the chanichim used fabric paint to decorate hand washing towels to use on Friday nights.  They also learned how to tie their own tzitzit, and then did so on shirts that they had tie-dyed on Monday!  It was an incredibly satisfying experience.
Of course, today was also Yom Berkshires, when the Palmer sports teams compete against the Ramah in the Berkshires teams.  We made sure to spend some time making posters and cheers, and then showing our support for the older edot.

Overall, it was a very exciting and exhausting day!  Check online for pictures and videos!

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