Yom Sport 2013!


On Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday, Nivonim 2013 ran one of the smoothest Yom Sports that camp had ever seen! For over a month, the Nivonimers planned every perek (period) of the day, which included sports, an apache relay race, team meetings, and opening and closing ceremonies. Additionally, groups of captains worked tirelessly on writing Hebrew and English songs, and choreographing intricate dances that incorporated chanichim from all over camp.

Yashar Koach to Kachol (blue) 2013, who came in first place! Every single team should be commended for their hard work and determination throughout the entire day. Although one team came out on top, every group really felt like winners at the end of the day: the chanichim had a great time, and all of the Nivonimers were not only proud of their own accomplishments, but proud of everyone else in their edah. I was particularly struck by the way that the captains hugged and cried with one another during closing ceremonies, endlessly complimenting one another and expressing their excitement over the day as a whole – not one team. The friendly competitive tension between the teams dissolved immediately when we began to sing Shir Ramah as an entire camp, for we remembered that, especially on Yom Sport, what unites us is far greater than what divides us.

As part of the closing ceremonies, while the judges were tallying the scores, all of Nivonim came up on stage to learn a dance that we had all done together many times over the course of the summer. This was a moment that showed true strength and unity. Check out a video of the dance here. There will be more videos of the closing ceremonies coming soon, so make sure to check back.

Below, take a look at some intense pictures of captains tug of war! Other pictures will be posted in online galleries.



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