Yom Sport Begins!!


We are in the midst of our day-and-a-half-long YOM SPORT here at Camp Ramah!  The weather is gorgeous and the ruach (spirit) is high!

Our entire Yom Sport program is planned and run by our Nivonim campers.  They are doing a great job!  Yesterday after lunch, they “broke out” Yom Sport to the Tzad Aleph (A-Side campers).  Then, in a great twist, they secretly brought the A-Siders to B-Side.  The Tzad Bet (B-Side campers) were still unaware that Yom Sport was upon them.  They were gathered together in our Bet Am Gadol, and the Nivonimers and all the A-Side campers burst in shouting “Yom Sport”!!  It was fantastic.

Here are some shots from our in-progress Yom Sport!