Yom Sport, Boker Tzrif, and Yom Foam


The last several days have been jam-packed with exciting surprises! On Wednesday night, during some rikud on the migrash, Nivonimers wearing different colors excitedly announced the beginning of Yom Sport! Everyone ran back to the tzrifim to change into their team’s colors. The next 24 hours were full of medurot, team bonding, and countless competitions. At the end of the day, Yarok emerged victorious, but everyone had a blast. When the day was over, Ilanot was just as united as ever!

As if Thursday wasn’t exciting enough, Friday morning was Boker Tzrif, followed by another surprise — YOM FOAM! It was really nice to spend the morning participating in activities by tzrif, and a nice change of pace. Getting an opportunity to play around in the foam with friends was a perfect way to end the week and bring in Shabbat. Shavua tov to all!

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