Yom Sport Breakout!

YOM SPORT 2016 HAS BEGUN! It all started yesterday afternoon afternoon with an epic, unforgettable breakout. Under the guise of an important announcement from the Board of Directors, the entire camp gathered on the Tzad Aleph tennis courts. In the middle of Rabbi Gelb’s speech, a huge Lakota helicopter landed in the middle of the Tzad Aleph Lower Migrash (field)!


After tzrif pictures with the helicopter and a chance to look around, our new friends from the US National Guard officially broke out Yom Sport.


On their way out, they took this INCREDIBLE aerial shot of the Tzad Aleph and the entire camp celebrating below.


A HUGE Todah Rabbah to Colonel Rabbi Larry Bazer for helping us set up this extraordinary event. 

Breakout was followed yesterday by an exciting apache relay — a yom sport tradition — in which all of the hanichim from across camp participated in a crazy relay race across all of camp involving all sorts of different skills and challenges.

Today, following t’fillot and aruchat boker by team, a packed morning of sports competitions has begun.  Hanichim in each edah get to choose from among several competitions for their edah.  It’s a beautiful day and the ruach is high!!  Which tzeva (color) will triumph…??