Yom Sport Break-out!


Today is Yom Sport at Camp Ramah!  This day of sports competition, run by Nivonim (our oldest campers), is always an amazing opportunity for fun sports and great ruach (energy/spirit). 

The date of Yom Sport is always a surprise — and each year the Nivonimers "break-out" Yom Sport in new and creative ways.  This year they asked me, Davey Rosen, Leora Kimmel, and Ben Greene to plan one of our camp-wide peulot (activities), which we usually do once a session.  We decided that this year's camp-wide competition would be "Are You Smarter Than a Nivonimer?" in which staff members from every edah in camp would compete against a pair of Nivonim campers in American History trivia (since it was July 4th).  Except that when we asked the made-up question, "What were the original colors of the American flag?" the Nivonim team captains all burst out with their team colors, shouting adom (red), kachol (blue), yarok (green), and lavan (white).  Yom Sport had begun! 

7.4.YomSportBreakout 013
7.4.YomSportBreakout 009
7.4.YomSportBreakout 019

7.4.YomSportBreakout 027