Yom Sport (Color War): Focus on Kochavim!

These chanichim (campers) from adat ha-Kochavim are just beginning their session here at our machane (camp), and are having a great time participating in our Yom Sport.  This collegial day-long competition fosters teamwork and good sportsmanship, along with creative outlets in dance, song and banner creation.  The entire edah is serving together on Team Adom (Red), in consideration of their recent arrival at camp.  This way they will have a comfortable transition to our machane and ample time to get to know each other.  All the other edot are split up amongst the 4 teams: Yarok, Kachol, Lavan and Adom (Green, Blue, White and Red respectively).  Bruchim HaBaim (Welcome) to Kochavim!

Categories: Kochavim, Sports