Yom Sport (Color War): Part Four

Abby, Sarah and Mia chanichot (campers)(photo, above, together with their Assistant Reporter Eli) from adat ha-Bogrim served on our Yom Sport Press Club for 12 hours.  They covered a lot of territory all around our machaneh (camp).

Mia interviewed and photographed many participants all around our machaneh.

Emily from Magshimim on Kachol (blue) said “I like Zimkudiyah.  The song and the dance were both good.  There was lots of energy and it was a good opening night”.

Jacob, a Nivonim Judge, said “I enjoy being a Judge”.

Dalya, a Magshimimer on Adom (red) said that “The Judges focus on ruach (spirit) when calculating the points”.

Seth, a Bogrim chanich on Yarok, said “I liked making the banner because I get to use a lot of creativity”.

Charlie, a Bogrimer on Adom, said “I like being on a team with all the edot because it brings back good memories from when I was on Tzad Aleph (A-Side); I met so many new people on Yom Sport I cannot even count them!”

Noah, a madrich in Machon, said “My favorite memory from Yom Sport was when I was a captain in Nivonim”.

Noa, a Magshimimer on Kachol, said “If I could change one thing: I would make it longer! Two and a half days instead of one and a half days would be perfect!”

Gabe, a Bogrimer on Yarok, said “My favorite thing of being on Yarok is being with my friends and it’s a great team”.

Abby’s report from the field:

I asked six people participating in Yom Sport what their favorite part is.  Sam Hass, a Kachol captain, said her favorite part is getting to be close with and know people from different edot.  Yael in Machon said her favorite part is closing ceremony because you get to see what all the captains have been working so hard on.  Two people, Ainsley and Ariel in Bogrim said they like the Apache Relay Race.  Tali, an Adom Captain, likes the ruach her team gives when they cheer.  Finally, Jake, a Rosh Judge, said he likes the silent lunch.  Abby concludes, “I think that most people at camp like the activities and the team bonding during Yom Sport”.

Sarah’s report from the field:

I went around asking people questions about Yom Sport.  Gabby in Bogrim said that her favorite part about Yom Sport was making the banner and taking part in the fun.  She continued, “If I were planning Yom Sport, I would add additional dances to the ones already performed.  I’ve never been on Yarok before, so it’s a good change for me.  The captains are wonderful and I believe  in our team!” Maddie in Bogrim loves the fun activities and all the ruach people have on Yom Sport.

Here are the team banners, as they are created by each team:

Mia and Sarah agree that this was their favorite song from the four performed at Zimkudiyah, Mahapecha Shel Simcha:



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