Yom Sport (Color War): Part Two

Elisha of adat ha-Shoafim was a participant in the  Yom Sport Press Club for 28 hours.  She conducted several interviews around our machaneh (camp).

Naomi of Nivonim said, “I am looking forward to closing ceremony because I like watching all the dances from all four teams.”

Jessie, a madricha (counselor) said “I like closing ceremony because I like to see what everybody has been working so hard on for so long”.

Pictured below is the game Roof Ball.  The participants line up; the first in line throws the ball onto the roof and runs to the back of the line.  The second person has to catch the ball as it rolls off the roof, and throw it back on to the roof, run to the back of the line, etc.  It looked like a really fun game.

The photos below were taken at the Rap Battle activity.  Each team took a turn and came up with a Rap about why they are the best team.   They did a couple rounds of different raps.  The raps were creative and surprising!

Elisha’s favorite song from the four songs that were performed at Zimkudiyah was Mahapecha Shel Simcha:

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