Yom Sport (Color War) Press Club: Part One

Nate is a chanich (camper) in adat ha-Shoafim.  He participated in Press Club and during the 28 hours of coverage, he visited Human Pyramid, Zimkudiyah, Rap Battle, Board Games and Dancing.   Nate’s overall impressions of Yom Sport are that each person had at least one friend; people seemed to be having fun and showing Ruach (spirit) in meals, dancing and the Zimkudiyah; and many of the activities were entertaining, some silly, and fun.

Rafi, a chanich on Team Lavan (white) and in adat ha-Shoafim told Nate: “I am enjoying color war so far.  I am currently practicing the Tzad Aleph dance.”  After reflecting for a moment, Rafi said “If I were in Nivonim and in charge of planning Yom Sport, I would not change anything at all!”

Nate was impressed with Rafi’s good sportsman’s attitude about Yom Sport in general, although he is a loyal member of Team Lavan.  Rafi was very happy to be interviewed.

Nate’s favorite song from the four that were performed during Zimkudiyah was “Or Gadol”, see here: