Yom Sport (Color War): Tzad Bet (B-Side) — Breakout!

The big day has arrived! The start date and time is always a closely guarded secret here at our machaneh (camp)! The chanichim (campers) of adat ha-Nivonim have been planning this grand event for many days, as an integral part of their Leadership Training this kayitz (summer).  The breakout today was a very creative one, that incorporated the story of the deposition of Rabban Gamliel (for details, see *).  During the morning Limmud (Education) sessions, all the edot studied the story of the deposition.  Then, immediately after aruchat tzaharayim (lunch), Josh Kulp, our Rosh Beit Midrash, presented a “Sikkum”, or summary, of the story.  He highlighted the most salient features of a good leader (as demonstrated in the negative by Rabban Gamliel!): being respectful of your constituency, knowing as much as possible about your constituents, and being as inclusive as possible.  At that moment, in burst the Nivonimers with the wild energy of Yom Sport Breakout.  Off to the races!



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