Yom Tzrif (Bunk Day): Part Four

Yesterday was Yom Tzrif! It is a special day where the tzrifim (bunks) go around and do special activities with their counselors. It is loads of fun.  The entire machane (camp) is engaged with traveling around to different peulot (activities) with their entire tzrif.  This is different from a yom ragil (regular day), when the chanichim (campers) move from chug to chug (elective) with a variety of chanichim from one’s edah — but not necessarily one’s own bunk.  Yom Tzrif is especially great at making even stronger connections between bunkmates, as well as between bunkmates and their madrichim (counselors), as they have tons of fun at some unusual and out of the ordinary peulot together.  Yom Tzrif was incredible. Many of our Tzevet (staff) stepped up and out of their normal roles to give the chanichim (campers) an amazing experience.   The activities were awesome.   Yom Tzrif fosters strong, close interactions between madrichim and chanichim, having good old camp fun.  These chanichim (photos top and below) from adat ha-Machon went on a camp-wide expedition entitled “Tour of Unused Mkomot in Camp” with Senior Program Staff Simon Luxemburg.

And of course what would Yom Tzrif be without Street Hockey? These chanichim from adat ha-Magshimim are running, dribbling and shooting with zeal and of course good teamwork.  This peula was led by our Rosh Sport Adam Offit.