You’re Never Too Old: Nivonim Takes on Krav Maga and Archery

Omri M., Rosh Chug Krav Maga (elective of Israeli martial arts) brings his extensive Tzahal combat training to Palmer.  The Krav Maga combat training differs from the Krav Maga taught in clubs, fitness centers and camps such as Palmer; it is more aggressive, intense, and violent.   When asked what unit he served in, he replied “I cannot divulge”.   We trusted our instincts, and did not press for a more complete answer.  Pictured above and below are our happy Nivonim chanichim (campers), having fun and developing theirs skills and fitness.  They are performing practice and stretching exercises, accompanied by both Omri’s guidance and motivational, upbeat Israeli music.

Our archery coach, Mellie, is spending her second summer here at Palmer.   Pictured, below, are our Nivonim chanichim on the second day of their new chug cycle.  They are learning and practicing safety first, as well as all the components of archery on this glorious Palmer morning.


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