Zimkudiyah, Yom Sport, Tfillot in Kochavim


Kochavim has already had such an eventful week. We started off on Sunday with an edah-wide activity about recognizing the good in others (hakarat hatov), and the chanichim decorated signs of appreciation to recognize the good work that people all around camp are doing, from the Marp to the Mircaz. Camp-wide events picked up on Monday with the Zimkudiyah! Kochavim pulled off a stellar rikud (dance) that was fun to learn and adorable to watch. They were a very popular event!

On Tuesday, the Nivonim campers ran Yom Sport (Color War) for the whole camp. Kochavimers, although the youngest, were active and spirited participants – playing soccer, bocce, competing in trivia, Apples to Apples, dance, singing, cheerings, silent lunch, and more! It was a fuly-packed, but awesome day!

On Wednesday, each Kochavimer had the chance to lead a part of t’fillah that we have been learning all session-long.

photo (33)It was great to see them taking a leadership role in a part of our routine that we do every day. Later on Wednesday, Kochavim received our edah shirts and had the chance to tie-dye them! The shirts are still cooking, but we can’t wait to see what they look like at the End of the Session Carnival tomorrow!

photo (34)

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