Donor List

2019 Ramah L’Kulam Campaign Donors

October 1, 2018-September 30, 2019

Ahava Society $18,000 and up
AVI CHAI Foundation
Nan and David Bender
Judy and Jonathan Chiel
Green Family Foundation
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Hannah and Lawrence Jacobs
Jim Joseph Foundation
Shelly Arkush Kassen and Michael Kassen
Diane Lipson Schilit and Howard Schilit

Ahava Society $10,000 and $17,999
Anonymous (3)
Carrie and Alan Chalup
Lori and Michael Gilman
Norma Grill
Gayle and Steven Neufeld
Shari and Harold Levy
Jennifer and Daniel Mendelson
Zell Family Foundation

Ahava Society $5,000 to $9,999
Judith Shandling and Elie Abemayor
Kimberly and Lawrence Berger
Sharon Pohoryles and Jim Gelb
Lauren and Mark Goloboy
Lillian and Richard Gray
Sharon Waller and Al Hyman
Marcy Kimel and Adam Kramer
Kuttner Family Fund
Labowe Family Foundation
Phyllis and Jeffrey Lavine
New England Region Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs
Rabbi Suzanne and Andrew Offit
Terry and Michael Schuster
Judith, Leonard and Larry Seltzer
Dorit Rabbani and Jason Shames
Paula and Andrew Shoyer
Mindy and Jeffrey Sosland
Laura Blumenfeld and Baruch Weiss

Ahava Society $1,800 to $4,999
Ellen and Michael Berk
Rhonda Parker and Steve Binney
Stacey and Jason Brauner
Gilly and Jonathan Cannon
Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and David Cohen
Rabbi Mitchell and Cari Cohen
Congregation Beth El of Fairfield, CT
Connecticut Valley Region Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs
Debra and Andrew Cooper
Elana and Daniel Finn
Rita Appel and Jon Fraade
Tamar and Rabbi Edward Gelb
Lois and Harvey Gelb
Laurie and Paul Gershkowitz
Reena Glazer
Marcia and Scott Glickman
Susan and Robert Gold
Rabbi Sheryl Katzman and Rabbi Elliot Goldberg
Beth Kanter and Jeffrey Goodell
Kim Kaplan-Gross and Michael Gross
Kathy and Kenneth Ingber
The Kahan Family Foundation
Larry Kaplan and Family
Nadine Evans and Rafi Kieval
Marni Smith Katz and Stuart Katz
Amy Schwartz and Eric Koenig
Marjorie and Lawrence Kravitz
Belinda Krifcher Lehman and Adam Lehman
Marcia and Alan Leifer
Aliza Yellin Lerner and Jon Lerner
Jessica and Ron Liebowitz
Sara Schutzman and Joshua Margolis
Sandi and Nathaniel Margolis
Beth Byer and Fred Mermelstein
Rhonda and Charles Mills
Elizabeth Waksman and Darren Orbach
Sara Shapiro-Plevan and Rabbi William Plevan
Arlene and Sanford Remz
Sara Turken and B. J. Rosen
Hyla Kaplan Rosenberg and David Rosenberg
Stephen Saft
Rena and Adam Shapiro
Erica and Gerrald Silverman
Dale and Alan Sorcher
Onir and Jeffrey Spiegel
Susan and Brad Stillman
Hallie Schefflin Werbel and Evan Werbel

Ahava Friend $1,000 to $1,799
Sara and Jason Ader
Elisa Deener-Agus and Michael Agus
Jenny and Barry Berk
Joyce and Michael Bohnen
Judith Beck and Richard Busis
Margy Ringelheim Cohen and Mark Cohen
Leslie and Alan Crane
Lisa and Alvin Dunn
Barbara and David Edelheit
Bonnie and Barry Epstein
Nancy Hardy and Joshua Farber
Karen and David Farbman
Beth Feffer
Noreen and Michael Friedman
Pamela Gordon Furth and David Furth
Jody and Robert Gelfand
Elissa and Saul Goldfarb
Felicia Goldring and Alejandro Guitelman
Susan and Benny Gutmann
Nava and Rabbi Jules Harlow
Rabbi Greg Harris
Deborah and James Karesh
Melissa and Aaron Kass
Naomi and Joshua Katz
Amy and Carl Kruglak
Carol Lobron
Dina and Sam Markind
Adina and Sander Mendelson
Gail Daumit and Ron Minsk
Sharon and Louis Nemser
Ilana and Bradley Orelowitz
Susanne and Stacy Oshry
George G. and Leah E. Posener Fund
Dorie and Jacob Ravick
Jill and Jeremy Rider
Judy and Reuven Rohn
Sharon and Rabbi Michael Safra
Eileen and Stephen Samuels
Abby and Jeffrey Scheer
Julie Fisher and Ambassador Daniel Shapiro
Temple Sholom of Greenwich, CT
Tovah Day and Moshe Spinowitz
Rabbi Annie Tucker
Lianne Pinchuk and Edward Wladis

Ahava Friend $613 to $999
Anne Gelb and Dan Bagatell
Jessica and Eric Baim
Barbara and Jordan Baker
Stephanie and Daniel Becker
Dina and Ron Becker
Karen and Marc Beckman
Carolyn and Brent Berger
Lia Meisinger and Alexis Borisy
Deborah and Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer
Stacy and David Cohen
Eleanor Cooper
Amy Abramowitz and Ethan Corey
Linda Werbel Dashefsky and Lowell Dashefsky
Mara and Justin Davies
Susan and Joseph Ditkoff
Amanda and Ross Firoved
Debbie and Jonathan Forrest
Noemi Schor and Mike Goldfarb
Jennifer Stern Granowitz and Danny Granowitz
Lila and Bernard Greisman
Katie Schenk and Dov Grossman
Lisa and Peter Harris
Ruth and Stanley Hoffman
Debbie Chirnomas and Michael Hurwitz
Trudy and Howard Jacobson
Rona and Robert Kelner
Helaine Denenberg and Jonathan Klawans
Catarina Bannier and Charles Lane
Jill and Martin Lebwohl
Judy Wendkos Liss and Brian Liss
Alison and David Lobron
Caryn and Rabbi Mitch Malkus
Joel Mendelson
Marion and Abe Menzin
Traci Reisner and Dan Merenstein
Gilah and Eric Moses
Stacy Barnett Mozer and Gary Mozer
Karen and Adam Myers
Sandra and Gerald Ostroff
Michele and Meyer Potashman
Elizabeth and Bob Pressman
Sharon and Daniel Prober
Bonnie and Rafi Prober
Jodi Hirsch Rein and Rabbi Steven Rein
Rabbi Michelle and Michael Robinson
Ellen and Daniel Rockmore
Gretchen and David Sanders
Elana Cohen and Steven Schwartz
Rabbi Rami Schwartzer
Rona Sheramy and Adam Segal
Nancy and Jeffrey Selig
Rhona and Yosef Shemesh
Daphna and Scott Sher
Deborah Martin and Dan Shertzer
Hilary and David Silver
Jeannie Sklar and Gary Singer
Tova and Ken Sperber
Rabbi Nicole Wilson-Spiro and Michael Spiro
Debbi Bohnen and Adam Wall
Debra Herman and Daniel Warshay
Melanie and Lawrence Weisberg
Brittanie and Dan Werbel
Amy and Mark Wolf
Tamara and Stephen Wrzesinski

Ahava Friend $180 to $612
Adath Israel Congregation of Lawrenceville, NJ
Amy Abel
Jennifer Shankman and Tevin Adelman
Brenda Buchweitz Albert and Steven Albert
Karen and Avi Alpert
Lorraine Arcus
Tamar and Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz
Lisa and Alan Avery-Peck
Laura Elkayam and Rabbi Ezra Balser
Daphna Oren and David Bardash
Sharon Cohen and Eric Barker
Kathleen and Michael Ben-Shoaff
Norman Berk
Rabbi Ilana Garber and Adam Berkowitz
Rebecca and James Berman
Rabbi Jane Bernstein
Stephanie and Harold Birn
Lynn and Wolf Blitzer
Sharon Parrott and Ari Blumenthal
B’nai Israel Congregation of Rockville, MD
Amy Heller and Noah Borenstein
Nanci and Jim Bramson
Jennifer and Jason Brodsky
Christy Brooks
Rachel Buonaiuto
Congregation Beth El of Norfolk, VA
Jenny and Dan Cook
Susan and Bruce Creditor
Ariel Yellin Derringer and Coby Derringer
Johanna Rothman and Mark Druy
Naomi Druy
Elizabeth and John Edelglass
Susan and Lewis Edelheit
Stephanie and Mark Eidelman
Lawrence Eisen
Bobbe and Ben Evans
Michal and Andrew Fandel
Amy and Eric Fingerhut
Matthew Finn
Louise and Alan Fisch
Leah Bieler and Rabbi Ron Fish
Gary Fountain
Emily and Daniel Friedman
Madeline Gelfand
Allan (Geli), Harriet and Gila Gelfond
Abigail and Charles Glassenberg
Judith and Joel Goldberg
Jill Goldenziel Goldenpine and Michael Pine Goldenpine
Shera and David Golder
Howard Goldstein
Barbara Goldstein
Jason Goloboy
Pamela and Howard Gorin
Max Green
Lily Rabinoff-Goldman and Rabbi Hillel Greene
Diane Griffiths
Hanhallah 2019
Dena Herbolich
Shari and Brian Hirsch
Linda and Melvin Holtzman
Samuel Itscoitz and Bari Brown-Itscoitz
Joni and Paul Jablansky
Lois Jacobs
Mindi and Bucky Jacobson
Sara and Jonathan Jacobson
Greg Johnson
Leah Sugarman and Leonard Kardon
Leah Oko and Carl Katz
Carol and Joel Kaufman
Pamela Kekst
Jeanne and Joshua Kieval
Emily and David Kieval
Andrew Klaber
Beth and Daniel Kluger
Janaki Kuruppu
Lenore and Rabbi Jonah Layman
Shari and Stewart Lecker
Meredith Druss Lesser and Jon Lesser
Pamela Levanos
Karen and Edward Leventhal
Yanina Feldman Levitan and Robert Levitan
Dana Levy
Barbara and Gary Libbin
Fran Robins Liben and Rabbi Daniel Liben
The Liben Family
Shelley and Jon Lieberman
Faith Lifshen
Leora Lipton
Rebecca and Adam Lurie
Simon Luxemburg
Reva Tankle and John McArthur
Sonia Castillo and Aaron Mannes
Micki and Norman Massry
Jill Matusow
Jennifer Brown and Adam Medros
Naomi Yadin-Mendick and David Mendick
Adele and Mark Messina
Rebecca and Kenneth Milgram
Scott Miller
Sandy and Hal Miller-Jacobs
Mary Forbes Singer and David Modest
David Moses
Robin Wiener and Roger Nehrer
Suzanne Neusner
Emma Neusner
Pamela and Robert Norton
David Offit
Cyd and Mark Oppenheimer
Melissa and Bruce Patz
Yvonne White and David Pincus
June and Bob Plotkin
Brandon, Max and Tyler Portnoy
Whitney Connaughton and Aaron Pressman
Norma and Marvin Prince
Anna and Mike Ravvin
Nina Alexander-Hurst and Matthew Robins
Nancy and Rabbi James Rosen
Rabbi Ariella Rosen
Rivka Weiser and Ted Rosenbaum
Deborah and Glen Rosenfeld
Bari Nan Rothchild
Rabbi Jeremy and Rebecca Ruberg
Gabriela Rubin
Howard Rudnick
Adrienne and Rabbi Arthur Rulnick
Alisa and Aaron Rulnick
Rabbi Susan Tendler and Ross Sadoff
Diane and Adam Safer
Susan and Stuart Salzberg
Arden Levy and Anthony Sanchez
Judith and David Satlof
Heather and Josh Satlof
Joanna and Craig Schranz
Amanda and Gabriel Scott
Patricia Shapiro
Malcolm Sherman
Michael Sherman
Adriane and Scott Shore
Jake Shoyer
Maria Lasa-Sloan and Michael Sloan
Saul and Reena Slovin
Rebecca and Eric Solovy
Barbara Portnoy Levine Spector and Leonard Spector
Wendy and Joel Spellun
Judith Hellerstein and Phillip Swagel
Temple Israel of Albany, NY
Temple Israel of Sharon, MA
Tikvat Israel Congregation of Rockville, MD
Abby Zanger and Roy Tishler
Larisa and Sean Trainor
Yvonne and Mark Waynik
Katherine Allen and David Weingart
Ivy Weingram
Evelyn Horn and Isaac Weisfuse
Judy and Alan Weiss
Erin and Benjamin Willcher
David Winik
Reva and Peter Winston
Joel Yashinsky
Pamela Kesner and Gary Yellin
Zachs Family Foundation, Inc.
Sam Zaremba
Randi and Sam Zemsky
Chana and Gary Zimmerman
Avi Zollman
Rachel and Leeor Zorel
Deborah and Wallace Zuckerman

In Kind Donations
We are grateful to these individuals who have contributed valuable goods and services:
Shira Deener and David Chodirker
Rabbi Sheryl Katzman and Rabbi Elliot Goldberg
Mindy Goldstein and Noah Horowitz
Kim Kaplan-Gross and Michael Gross
Alissa Neil
Patty and John Paterson
David Russo

This list acknowledges all donors who contributed $180 or more October 1, 2018-September 30, 2019.  To those not listed here, we sincerely thank you for your support!

Every effort was made to correctly list donors’ names. If your gift was omitted or was listed incorrectly, please email Mindy Goldstein or reach her by phone at (781) 702.5290 x109.