2021 All Camp Transportation and Luggage Overview

April 19, 2021

Shalom Parent(s);
We are thrilled with our enrollment for Kayitz 2021 and counting down the days until summer begins!

Updated Luggage Procedures for 2021:

The health and safety of our camp community is guiding our luggage procedures this year, which have changed significantly from previous years. Most of our campers (see exceptions below) will now be required to ship their luggage to and from camp using a highly reputable camp luggage delivery service called Camp Trucking. Implementing these policies will cost each family $100 per camper (except international campers). We decided to charge each camper the same amount to provide some equity for our geographically diverse community.

We acknowledge that because our campers come from such a range of locations, the luggage policy is complex and this letter is longer than we had hoped as we try to give clear instructions. Please review this document carefully and let us know if you have any questions. We appreciate the spirit that we are all in this together!

For campers driving or flying to/from New England, NY, MD, DC, or VA: Luggage must be shipped to and from camp this summer via Camp Trucking. We have arranged for centralized pickup areas throughout our catchment area. Camp Trucking also offers door-to-door service, which may be utilized by families who live more than one hour’s drive from our centralized locations. You must email Marggi for approval to use this option. Please click here for complete information. You will have to register with Camp Trucking and pay your $100 directly on their website. You would be responsible for any upcharges as offered on their website.

For campers flying from anywhere else in the United States: Campers may fly to/from camp with their luggage and will be charged the same additional $100 luggage fee by camp. Because we do not want campers waiting in the airport baggage claims for luggage, we will require you to email a picture of the luggage and claim tag when you check your bags to Marggi. We will hire employees from outside of the bubble we are creating for camp per COVID protocol to pick up the luggage and deliver it to camp where it will be transferred to your child’s bunk.

For campers driving to/from anywhere else in the United States: If you are not within one hour of any of our centralized luggage sites, please contact Marggi for instructions.

International campers can fly to/from camp with their luggage and will have to collect their own bags as they pass through customs.

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Next Steps at This Point:

1) Please make your travel and luggage selections in the online Transportation Form in your CampMinder account by May 3rd, AND

2) All who are required to register with Camp Trucking per above must do so at www.camptrucking.com by May 21st for first and full session campers and June 26th for second session campers.

Arrival to Camp:

Please be aware that, to maintain our COVID protocols, all campers must arrive in camp on the first day of each session (June 29 or July 27). We will communicate the procedures for our opening days, including the timing and tips for drop-offs, closer to camp. Click here for directions to camp.

Thank you for reading this document! Please continue if you would like our travel dates by session and information about booking flights for your child.

2021 Travel Dates by Sessions:page2image60324480 page2image60323328

Full: 6/29-8/22
First: 6/29-7/25
Second: 7/27-8/22
Mini Amitzim: 7/27-8/8

WHO: Campers Flying to/from the DC Area:

    • We provide a Ramah chaperone on flights to and from BWI for all of our sessions and school buses to shuttle campers to and from camp from BDL. Please see the “2021 DC Flight Information” document (attached and in your CampMinder account) if you want to choose one of these
      flights. Please:
    • Book flights for all travel dates directly with Southwest Airlines.
    • Enter the flight information and your luggage selection in the Transportation Form (even if you havealready sent me your child’s ticket(s).
    • Email me a copy of your flight confirmation, if you haven’t already.
    • Register to ship your child’s luggage at www.camptrucking.com.

WHO: Campers Flying to/from Other Locations:

    • On each opening and closing day, we provide school bus shuttles to and from Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Hartford, CT and camp. Your camper(s) must arrive or depart from BDL during certain time windows in order to catch these shuttles.
    • Please research for flights that are scheduled to land at Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Hartford, CT between 8:30 a.m. and 12 noon on the opening day of each session and for flights that are scheduled to depart from BDL between 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. on each closing day.
    • Please make sure to forward the flight confirmation to me and enter the information in the online Transportation Form.
    • If your child’s flight arrives/departs outside of these time windows so we have to arrange special transportation to/from camp, families will be charged an additional $40 for each one-way of ground transportation provided.
    • If there is an extenuating reason you wish to fly your child to/from another airport, please contact me asap to see if we can make special arrangements before you book a ticket.
    • If your camper is flying to/from Israel, please do not book any flights until you have heard from us.Conclusion:Thank you for your attention to all of these details!

Please contact our registrar, Marggi Shechanah, for all questions regarding transportation, forms, the registration process, etc. and let her know if she can help in any way!

For all tuition and finance related questions, please contact our Finance Associate, Ken Milgram, at 781-702- 5290 x107 or by email.

For all questions or concerns that are unique to your camper(s), please contact our Director of Camper Care, Talya Kalender at 781-702-5290 x104 or by email.

Kol tuv,

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