Staff Handbook

Welcome to Camp Ramah New England! Every summer we become a vibrant, active kehillah (community) where our campers live a Jewish life in a warm, friendly atmosphere, explore Jewish values and practices, and develop friendships that last for years.

Our first concern must always, of course, be for the safety, welfare, and well being of our campers. Within this context, we have policies that reflect our concern for our community of campers and staff. These policies are laid out in this Staff Handbook. Please note that this Staff Handbook is a guide — not necessarily a complete listing of every single one of our rules and policies.


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This Staff Handbook contains information about the employment policies and practices of Camp Ramah New England. The policies outlined in this Staff Handbook should be regarded as management guidelines only, which in a developing business will require changes from time to time. Camp Ramah New England retains the right to make decisions involving employment as needed in order to conduct its work in a manner that is beneficial to the staff members and Camp Ramah. This Staff Handbook supersedes and replaces any and all prior Staff Handbooks and any inconsistent verbal or written policy statements.

Except for the policy of at-will employment, which can only be changed by the CEO of Camp Ramah New England in a signed written contract, we reserve the right to revise, delete and add to the provisions of this Staff Handbook at any time without further notice. No oral statements or representations can change the provisions of this Staff Handbook. The provisions of this Staff Handbook are not intended to create contractual obligations with respect to any matters it covers, nor is this Staff Handbook intended to create a contract guaranteeing that you will be employed for any specific time-period.

Camp Ramah New England is an at-will employer.  This means that regardless of any provision in this Staff Handbook, either you or Camp Ramah New England may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice. Nothing in this Staff Handbook or in any document or statement, written or oral, shall limit the right to terminate employment at-will.  No officer, staff member, or representative of Camp Ramah New England is authorized to enter into an agreement — expressed or implied — with any staff member for employment for a specified period of time unless such an agreement is in a written contract signed by the CEO of Camp Ramah New England.

This Staff Handbook refers to current benefit plans maintained by Camp Ramah New England. Refer to the actual plan documents and summary plan descriptions if you have specific questions regarding the benefit plan. Those documents are controlling. Likewise, if a written contract is inconsistent with the Staff Handbook, the written contract is controlling.