Commemorative Bricks


Commemorative Bricks at Camp Ramah New England


There is much to commemorate about time spent at Camp Ramah: deep experiences shared, friendships forged, young lives transformed and bound closer to Judaism.

The central Horshah (grove) has become our primary outdoor location to welcome Shabbat with camper performances and tefilot. The addition of a brick plaza has made this special location even more welcoming.

Your name or the name of a person who is important to you can be commemorated in this important central location. This is a wonderful opportunity to leave your permanent mark on the place that so many have called their home — or to leave a permanent mark to honor a favorite Ramahnik.

  • Commemorate your own special connection to camp
  • Honor your loved ones who have been touched by their camp experiences
  • Thank and recognize an adored staff member

These personalized bricks  in the beloved center of our camp home make a wonderful gift. Families can purchase small or large bricks for the plaza – and the proceeds support the Ramah L’Kulam campaign.

Purchase a Brick