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Come and join our staff at Camp Ramah!

Click here to complete the Staff Application online.

If you have any trouble completed our application online, please contact Pamela Kekst.

Here is a PDF of our Reference Form, in case you need it: Staff Application Reference Form

We require three written references from all staff candidates. You may print three copies of the above reference form, OR you may ask your references to write you their own letter of recommendation.  Either method is fine – we provide the above reference form as an aide — you are NOT required to use it. You may turn in your reference forms by mailing or emailing them to the camp office.  We understand that gathering three references can be time-consuming. You may submit your staff application form first, and send the references separately at a later date.


Click here to review our job descriptions.

Please contact our Assistant Director, Josh Edelglass, or our Program Director, Pamela Kekst, if you have any questions about the staff application process.

The National Ramah Commission’s “Ramah Jobs” web site is also a great way to find out about jobs at Ramah Summer Camps. You can also view a map highlighting the geographic region that each Ramah Summer Camp serves by clicking here.

Resources For Current Staff-Members:

Click here to view our 2019 STAFF HANDBOOK

Click here to read Rabbi Gelb’s introductory letter to the 2019 Staff Handbook.

Click here to read Rabbi Gelb’s April 2019 letter to all 2019 staff-members about your physical and mental health.

Click here to read Rabbi Gelb’s letter to all staff regarding your role in religious life at camp.

Click here to view our 2019 INTERNATIONAL STAFF HANDBOOK.  This handbook applies only to our international kitchen and maintenance staff.

Click here to view our Day Off Travel Guide.

Click here to view our 2019 Staff Travel Document, which reviews all arrival and departure dates for staff and procedures for getting your travel plans approved.

Click here to view our 2019 Staff-Camper Ratios

Click here to view the Leave No Trace principles that we practice on all camping trips.

Criminal Record Check Procedures