FAQs for Current Families

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Q: What percentage of campers attend day schools?

A: About 46% of our campers attend Hebrew Day Schools, about 48% attend public schools and about 6% attend other private schools. Campers participate equally regardless of Judaic background for the vast majority of activities. Campers are evaluated for their Hebrew language skills at the beginning of their camp session and when appropriate are placed in a group with other campers of similar background.

Q: Can campers request a friend to be in the same bunk?

A: Yes, each camper may request three friends who are in the same grade in school and are attending the same session of camp. We guarantee to place every camper with at least one request (and we always try our best to give more). Bunk requests can be submitted through our on-line system, in the spring. All requests must be made by completing that on-line form. Our Director of Camper Care is always available to speak with parents who would like to discuss a specific bunking question or request in more detail.

Q: Do campers have to pray 3 times a day?

A: All campers and staff participate in Shacharit (morning services) each day. Mincha (afternoon) andMa’ariv (evening) services are held at camp for those who wish to participate but are not required.

Q: What if financial help is needed?

A: Camp Ramah in New England has a generous scholarship fund. Please contact our office to obtain a scholarship application after you submit your general camp application. The deadline to apply for financial aid is in January, so families are encouraged to apply for camp and scholarship as early in the year as possible. We also encourage you to speak to your rabbi, contact your local federation and ask community leaders if they are aware of other funding opportunities in your area. We also offer payment plans. We don’t want any camper to miss out on a Ramah summer due to finances. Please refer to the Financial Info section for more information about payment and scholarship.

Q: Is camp able to accommodate my child’s food allergies?

A: Our camp’s kitchen is completely nut and peanut-free. Many of our campers have various dietary restrictions from lactose intolerance to gluten and egg allergies. All potential allergens are posted on a board in the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) before every meal. If there are other special dietary needs, parents may alert us so that we can ensure that your child receives all the special accommodations that he/she requires.

Q: How do campers get to camp?

A: Families who live within driving distance of camp can drive their child(ren) to camp on the first and last day of each session. In the spring, we send detailed instructions to our families on the procedures for our opening and closing days, when and how to book an arrival/departure time-slot, and more.

We run busses from the DC/MD area at the start and end of each four-week session. Ramah staff-members are there to greet campers (and parents) when they board the busses, and they help entertain the kids throughout the ride to camp. When they arrive at camp, additional staff-members (along with an excited group of kids!) are there to greet the bus and to help the campers find their bunks and settle in.

For the end of our first mini-session and the start of our second mini-session, we generally staff a flight to/from Bradley airport in CT and BWI for that small group of campers.

Campers from Israel and other international locations can book flights to/from Logan airport in Boston.  We will pick them up from Logan and return them to Logan at the end of their camp session, accompanied by Ramah staff-members.  Families must contact us before booking flights.

Q: How do I communicate with my child while they are at camp?

A: Parents are encouraged to write letters and to sign up for our email service. Postal mail and email messages are delivered 5 days a week to campers.

Q: Can I visit camp before I enroll my child?

A: We offer a Prospective Family Day during the summer. This is a great day for interested campers and their families to come tour camp, meet with our senior staff, and participate in some of our camp programming! Please contact Josh Edelglass for more information.

Q: Can I visit my child during the camp season?

A: There is a scheduled visiting day at the end of first session for full session campers. All visitors to camp on days other than Visiting Day require the approval of the Camp Director. We will only be able to accommodate a request for a visit under very compelling circumstances and well in advance of the visit date. Although most visits to camp are disruptive to the program and the campers, we provide the opportunity for a limited number of Shabbat guests in order to let parents and others experience the magic of Ramah. Rooms in the guesthouse at Camp Ramah are available for families and other guests who wish to visit overnight or stay for Shabbat. Please call the office to request a reservation in the guesthouse. Approval of your request is subject to the Director’s discretion and room availability.

Q: What should my child pack when coming to camp?

A: Feel free to use this Suggested Packing List when packing your child for camp!

Q: Where can I find directions to Camp Ramah in New England?

A: Directions to camp can be found here.

Q: Where can I find a guide to Ramah's edah (division) Hebrew names and their corresponding grade?