Before Camp

It’s never too early to start preparing for your summer at camp!

Before anything else, make sure you’ve registered for camp!

We’re already so excited for kayitz (summer) ’24! Please watch this space for more information as the summer approaches.

Helpful Information for Ramah Families:

  • Click here for instructions on managing your CampMinder (CampInTouch) account and submitting forms.
  • Click here for our guide to our edah (division) Hebrew names and their corresponding grades.
  • Click here for a statement of support for Israel, and an educational piece written by Rabbi Gordon Tucker which helps explain the Ramah/Jewish approach to supporting Israel, the responsibility of Israel to fight Hamas, and rebuts claims of genocide.
  • Click here for the history of the ROO, our camp mascot.
  • Click here to read a letter from Rabbi Gelb explaining our approach to LGBTQ+ and Gender Inclusiveness.
  • Click here for statements and updates regarding George Floyd and racial justice.
  • Click here to read a letter from Rabbi Gelb explaining our approach to Israel education.
  • Click here for our recommended packing list.
  • Please check out our blog and our Facebook page to learn more about everything that we’re planning for this summer.
  • Click here for a letter from Rabbi Gelb explaining our bunking procedures, with tips for how to best fill out the bunk request form.

Materials for kayitz 2023:

  • Click here for our 2023 Opening Day procedures
  • Click here for a letter from Rabbi Ed Gelb about opening day, our family handbook, visiting day and more!
  • Click here for a welcome letter from Rabbi Ed Gelb, CEO, and Talya Kalender, Director of Camper Care, about our camper care approach and commitment to communication.
  • Click here to log into your CampMinder account.
  • Click here for a 2023 camper forms checklist.
  • Click here for our 2023 camper transportation and luggage information.
  • Click here for the 2023 Pack My Rx registration information.
  • Click here for the 2023 Camp Trucking registration information.
  • Click here for our Covid vaccination policy for kayitz 2023.
  • To review payment options for kayitz 2023 tuition, please click here and scroll down to see “Payment Options.”
  • Click here to read how we can support campers at camp in process of preparing for their Bar/Bat/Brit Mitzvah.
  • Click here to read our Guidelines and Response Plan in the Event of Poor Air Quality Conditions for summer 2023.
Additional FAQs for kayitz 2023:
Q: Who leads Ramah New England’s Medical Committee?

A: Michael Agus, MD
Division Chief, Division of Medical Critical Care; Endowed Chair in Critical Care; Medical Director, Medical Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Care Program; Co-Medical Director, Biocontainment Unit
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Undergraduate Degree
• University of Pennsylvania , 1990 , Philadelphia , PA
Medical School
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine , 1995 , Philadelphia , PA
• Boston Children’s Hospital , 1996 , Boston , MA
• Boston Children’s Hospital , 1998 , Boston , MA
Pediatric Critical Care
• Massachusetts General Hospital , 2002 , Boston , MA
Pediatric Endocrinology
• Boston Children’s Hospital , 2002 , Boston , MA

Materials for Kayitz (Summer) 2022:
  • Click here for contact information for our 2022 yoatzot (parent liaisons).
  • Click here for an important review of our Allergy protocols and expectations and our regulations against sending food to camp.
  • Click here for suggestions on how to manage and minimize homesickness.
  • Click here for instructions on how to email your camper at camp.



L’hitraot B’Palmer (see you soon in Palmer!)