Before Camp

It’s never too early to start preparing for your summer at camp!

Before anything else, make sure you’ve registered for camp!

Materials for kayitz 2023:

  • Click here for our 2023 Opening Day procedures
  • Click here for a welcome letter from Rabbi Ed Gelb, CEO, and Talya Kalender, Director of Camper Care, about our camper care approach and commitment to communication.
  • Click here to log into your CampMinder account.
  • Click here for a 2023 camper forms checklist.
  • Click here for our 2023 camper transportation and luggage information.
  • Click here for the 2023 Pack My Rx registration information.
  • Click here for the 2023 Camp Trucking registration information.
  • Click here for our Covid vaccination policy for kayitz 2023.
  • To review payment options for kayitz 2023 tuition, please click here and scroll down to see “Payment Options.”
  • Click here to read how we can support campers at camp in process of preparing for their Bar/Bat/Brit Mitzvah.
Additional FAQs for kayitz 2023:
Q: Who leads Ramah New England’s Medical Committee?

A: Michael Agus, MD
Division Chief, Division of Medical Critical Care; Endowed Chair in Critical Care; Medical Director, Medical Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Care Program; Co-Medical Director, Biocontainment Unit
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Undergraduate Degree
• University of Pennsylvania , 1990 , Philadelphia , PA
Medical School
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine , 1995 , Philadelphia , PA
• Boston Children’s Hospital , 1996 , Boston , MA
• Boston Children’s Hospital , 1998 , Boston , MA
Pediatric Critical Care
• Massachusetts General Hospital , 2002 , Boston , MA
Pediatric Endocrinology
• Boston Children’s Hospital , 2002 , Boston , MA

Additional Information for Ramah Families:
  • Click here for instructions on managing your CampMinder (CampInTouch) account and submitting forms.
  • Click here for our guide to our edah (division) Hebrew names and their corresponding grades.
  • Click here for the history of the ROO, our camp mascot.
  • Click here to read a letter from Rabbi Gelb explaining our approach to LGBTQ+ and Gender Inclusiveness.
  • Click here for statements and updates regarding George Floyd and racial justice.
  • Click here to read a letter from Rabbi Gelb explaining our approach to Israel education.
  • Click here for our recommended packing list.
  • Please check out our blog and our Facebook page to learn more about everything that we’re planning for this summer.
  • Click here for a letter from Rabbi Gelb explaining our bunking procedures, with tips for how to best fill out the bunk request form.
Materials for Kayitz (Summer) 2022:
  • Click here for contact information for our 2022 yoatzot (parent liaisons).
  • Click here for an important review of our Allergy protocols and expectations and our regulations against sending food to camp.
  • Click here for suggestions on how to manage and minimize homesickness.
  • Click here for instructions on how to email your camper at camp.



L’hitraot B’Palmer (see you soon in Palmer!)