Ramah L’Kulam

Ramah For All, Ramah For The Future!

Dear Ramah New England Community,

Ramah returned in 2021 — stronger than ever. But our work isn’t done. This year, we need to work together to build Ramah for the future. To meet the needs of our campers and staff members, we need an additional $300,000 this spring to achieve our $1M annual goal. 

Kayitz (summer) 2021 was a summer of joy, healing and belonging — a place to feel free, to forge in-person friendships, to embrace the rejuvenating return to joyous Jewish living. Now we have work to do to repair what our children have lost over the last two years.

Your gift this spring will help build Ramah for the future by helping us fund camper scholarships, mental health resources, staff training and support , and Jewish growth and inquiry.

The Harold Grinspoon Foundation has generously offered to match $1 for every $2 that you donate to Ramah now! You can help to restore our campers and staff; you can help to ensure a strong future for Ramah. Todah rabbah!

Kol tuv,
Rabbi Ed Gelb, CEO