Fundraise For Camp

Celebrating a milestone birthday or camp reunion? Planning a B’nai Mitzvah? Participating in a walk-a-thon?

Ramah New England would love to be included in your special day! Invite your friends to give to Ramah in your honor, or in honor of a loved one. These donations will go to Ramah L’Kulam, our initiative to ensure that Camp Ramah New England is available and safe for all.

Ramah makes it fun and easy to raise money to benefit camp and our campers. Just click on MyMitzvahProject, and follow the instructions. If you need additional help, click here.

A few things you can do once you log into MyMitzvahProject:

    • Pick a fun name for your fundraising page
    • Upload a photo
    • Share your Ramah story and why supporting camp is so important to you
    • Invite your friends and family to participate by email and social networks

Any gift to camp in honor of your special occasion is greatly appreciated.

For more information about fundraising for Ramah, please email Mindy Goldstein.