Staff Travel & Reimbursement

2024 Staff Employment Dates, Travel Logistics & Reimbursement Policy

General Logistics

  • Travel approval: you must obtain approval by emailing our Office Administrator Becky Sherman BEFORE booking any tickets.
  • If your travel isn’t approved ahead of time:
    • You will not receive travel reimbursement
    • We cannot guarantee that we will be able to transport you to/from the air, bus, or train station and camp.
  • Travel and Reimbursement Form deadline: May 1st (along with any documentation required for reimbursement).
  • Extensions:
    • If you need an extension on booking your travel for any reason, please email Becky.
    • Travel information must then be submitted by June 1st at the absolute latest. We will not schedule any additional airport, bus or train station pick-ups or drop-offs after June 1st.
  • If you have any questions about your travel plans, please contact Becky Sherman.


2024 Tzevet (staff) Employment Start and End Dates


  • Ropes/Adventure staff:
    • This year’s training course will begin promptly at 10 AM on Wednesday, June 19th, so please plan to arrive between 8 and 9 that morning.
  • Rashei Anaf, Yoatzot, Inclusion Staff, all Agam/Sirot staff and those living in tzrifim (bunks):
    • Please arrive on Wednesday, June 19th – the first day of shavuah hachanah (staff week) — between 11 AM – 2 PM.
    • All Israeli staff-members living in tzrifim are invited to join us on June 18th for an extra day of welcoming and orientation.  Israelis may arrive on June 18th or the morning of June 19th.  We expect that all Israelis traveling on the sochnut group flight will probably arrive on June 18th.  Other Israelis and International staff should arrange their travel details with our Office Administrator, Becky Sherman.
  •  Voc Ed Staff:
    • Please arrive on Thursday, June 20th by 12 PM.
  • All other adult staff/staff not living in tzrifim (bunks):
    • Please arrive on Sunday, June 23rd by 10 AM to begin staff training shortly thereafter.
    • You may arrive on Friday June 21st to join us for Shabbat, if you would like to do so.  You must email Becky Sherman to make those arrangements.


  • All first-session staff depart on Sunday, July 21st.
  • Please do not plan to depart camp until after noon that Sunday.  All staff have jobs that morning. 
    • This includes people who are flying: no staff may take flights out of BDL in Hartford, CT that depart earlier than 2:30 PM. 
    • If you want to discuss an exception to this policy, please email Becky.
  • All staff not living in tzrifim (bunks) must be out of their room by 2:00 PM on Sunday, so we can begin cleaning and change-over for the arrival of second session staff.


  • All bunk staff: arrive between 3-5 PM on Sunday, July 21st.
  • All non-bunk staff: arrive between 9-11 AM on Monday, July 22nd.
    • Non-bunk staff may arrive the night before (Sunday, July 21st). 
    • Please note: there will be no programming or formal welcome for staff-members until Monday at 11 AM. 
    • If you wish to arrive on Sunday, July 21st, you must request permission by emailing Becky Sherman
      • You must arrive in camp after 6 PM on Sunday, July 21st and before 9 PM. 
      • Dinner will be served at approx. 6:30 PM


  • Full-summer and second-session staff depart on Sunday, August 18th.  (Rashei Edot will also depart on Sunday, August 18th.)
  • Please do not plan to depart until after 1:00 PM that day.  All staff will have jobs that morning.
    • This includes people who are flying: no staff may take flights out of BDL in Hartford, CT that depart earlier than 3:30 PM. 
    • If you want to discuss an exception to this policy, please email Becky.
  • We will be providing a bus for all staff returning to DC/MD/VA on the last day of camp. We will not reimburse for any staff flights back to DC/MD/VA at the end of camp.  


Travel Modes:

  • Bus/Train
    • We can arrange to pick you up at the Springfield, MA stations. You must contact Becky Sherman for approval BEFORE you book your tickets.
  • Plane
    • Domestic flights must be out of Bradley Airport (BDL) in West Hartford, CT
    • International flights may be out of Logan Airport in Boston, MA
  • DC Arrival Flight
    • If you are a bunk counselor traveling from the DC area, please book a ticket on this flight:
      • Southwest flight #3584 on Tuesday June 18, departing BWI at 3:35 PM, arriving at Bradley Airport in Hartford, CT at 4:50 PM.
    • We will be providing a bus for all staff returning to DC/MD/VA on the last day of camp

Pick Up Logistics:  Approximately 2-3 days before your arrival, camp will reach out to you by email with instructions about your travel to camp from the airport or bus/train station.  We’ll let you know who will pick you up, where to wait for them and we will provide you with their cell phone number.   If you have any questions about travel from the station to camp please contact the camp office.


Travel Reimbursement

Our staff travel reimbursement policies for kayitz 2024 are as follows:

  • Driving to camp
    • If you live within 150 miles of camp, and are driving to camp, there will be no travel reimbursement.
    • If you live further than 150 miles of camp, and are driving to camp, we will reimburse you at a rate of 34 cents/mile for the total round-trip mileage of your trip, minus 150 miles each way, up to a maximum reimbursement amount of $150.
  • Flying to camp
    • If you are flying to camp, you MUST obtain approval for your flight selection(s) BEFORE booking your flight (see travel logistics above).  Any flight that is not approved will NOT be reimbursed. 
    • All approved flights to camp will be reimbursed up to a limit of $300 total (round trip) and $150 (one-way).  You must complete the travel reimbursement section of the “Travel and Reimbursement Form” in order to be reimbursed.  Anyone living outside of our region who feels they need additional travel reimbursement because their flights will total more than $300 total may contact Josh Edelglass to make this request. 
  • If a staff member is dismissed or resigns, CRNE will not reimburse them for travel to/from camp.
  • Travel reimbursement is paid at the end of the camp summer.
  • Requirements for reimbursement:
    • Submit the online Travel and Reimbursement Form in your CampMinder account by May 1st (June 1st for international staff), AND
    • Submit the proper travel receipts/documentation as described in the online Travel and Reimbursement Form to Becky Sherman by May 1st (June 1st for international staff). These include:
      • The receipt for your approved air, bus or train travel that shows the amount of your ticket.
      • Verification of the mileage of your route if driving.  We suggest sending us a printout from Google Maps or MapQuest.

Remember: please contact Becky Sherman:

  • To obtain approval BEFORE you purchase any tickets.
  • To submit travel receipts for reimbursement.
  • With any travel questions.