Mission, Vision, and Values Statements


To inspire a lifelong love of Jewish traditions, values, and community in a welcoming, nurturing, and joyful camp environment.


A next generation of Jews and Jewish leaders committed to ongoing study, practice and making a positive impact on the world.


  • Health and Safety (בְּרִיאוּת briyut).  We are committed to the physical, mental, and emotional health of our campers, our staff, and the community.
  • Jewish Values (מִצְוָּת mitzvot).  We embody and inspire in others the values, practices and traditions of Judaism.
  • Jewish Education and Ivrit (חִנּוּךְ ועִבְרִית hinuch v’ivrit).  Regular spiritual exploration of, and engagement with, traditional Jewish texts, prayer, practice, the Hebrew language and values.
  • Zionism (צִיּוֹנוּת tziyonut).  Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people. We strive to build connections between our campers and staff to the people, land and State of Israel.
  • Jewish Community (קְהִלָּה kehilah).  A passionate commitment to, and connection with, Klal Yisrael throughout the world.
  • Sacred Space (מָקוֹם קָדוֹשׁ makom kadosh).  An immersive experience living on Jewish time providing entry points into a rich Jewish life through the arts, outdoors, sports and daily activities.
  • Kindness (חֶסֶד chesed).  We treat others with kindness, expecting nothing in return.
  • Belonging (שַׁיָּכוּת Shayachut).  We aspire to create an environment where all are welcome and made to feel integral to the community.
  • Role modeling (דֻּגְמָה dugmah).  We act and model Ramah’s commitment to our campers, our community, and the environment.
  • Joy (שִׂמְחָה simcha).  We are joyful in our Jewish life, and we bring that to all we do.

Ramah New England is affiliated with the National Ramah Commission, is under the educational auspices of the Jewish Theological Seminary, and works in partnership with institutions of the Conservative movement.

Approved by Board of Directors August 6, 2023
Updated by staff December 12, 2023