A Purim Flashback!




Back in 2004, campers from Magshimim, Bogrim, Machon and Nivonim '03 came to celebrate Purim together in Palmer!! They were joined by a variety of Ramah senior staff members including Dahlia Kronis, Leah Collier, Rachel Arcus, Nadav Avital, Jesse Holzer, and Stephanie Hoffman.  It was a weekend that was full of energy, ruach, and kehillah.

Our Ramahniks began the Shabbaton by baking hamantaschen which filled our impermanent chadar ochel (the back of Bet Am Bet) with a great smell and built excitement for Purim. Some other highlights of the weekend included: edah get togethers and meetings with our new and/or old roshim, Megillah reading and schpiel, Karaoke party with Costume Contest (with a special appearance from Sesame Street), exchange of Mishlochei Manot, and schmoozing until the wee hours of the morning.


Here in 2010, we wish everyone a Chag Purim sameach!