Adat Ha- Amitzim first swim of Machzor Sheini (second session)

The day could not have been more perfect for a first swim of the season for Machzor Sheini Chanichim (campers). The sun was shining and the Agam (waterfront) was sparkling-it looked like diamonds dancing on the water. The Tzevet (staff) at the Agam was working with the Chanichim on testing their swimming levels and skills to determine who would be in which swimming groups. Usually, mornings are for an instructional swim and the afternoon Perek (time slot) at the Agam is for fun on the water toys. This year at Machaneh Ramah there is a brand-new water park with climbing towers, trampolines, water mats, and a jungle gym. It’s all fun in the sun on our beautiful waterfront and a great way to splash into Machzor Sheini!











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