Agam (lake) Fun Continues in Machzor Sheini (Second Session)! by Sophie Katz

Splish splash and Shalom from the Agam (lake) during Machzor Sheini (second session)! We have been so busy this machzor with almost everyday being sunny and warm! At the water front during free swim, we have been doing swim checks and helping our chanichim (campers) enjoy the Agam. In addition to free swim fun, our chanichim have been learning skills like treading, diving, and bobbing underwater as part of their instructional swim lessons. We also try and make lessons fun by implementing games, relay races, and lifeguarding skills to keep things exciting. Our water park is another favorite Agam activity, full of fun toys and challenges for chanichim to try. Our older chanichim and staff also had the opportunity to do lake swims over shabbat!  Boating is another popular activity at the Agam where chanichim have the opportunity to learn how to sail as well as paddle boarding, kayaking , and canoeing. Our matzilim (lifeguards) are so excited to continue to teach and share their love of the water to all the chanichim this kayitz. As the seventh week of camp approaches quickly, we are starting to reflect on our incredibly fun and safe kayitz (summer). Whether on shore or in our glimmering Agam, we make sure everyone who comes to the Agam is happy and having fun! We will continue to keep the Agam,  swimmers and boaters, safe and happy.

We look forward to Thursday (August 15) – Yom Roo! Our amazing swim team and coaches will travel to Camp Ramah in the Berkshires for this annual competition against our New York counterparts. We wish them b’hatzlechah (good luck)!




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