Alternative Tefilla: Tzad Bet, Part 2

Tzad Bet chanichim (campers) were treated this past Friday to some of the most innovative, creative, and inspiring modes of prayer.   They were encouraged to try something new and different, and they did so with energy and spirit.  Our madrichim (counselors) did a stellar job in leading these tefillot, and spoke personally to the chanichim from their own experiences.  For example, the “knot your average Tefila”, led by Dahlia Katz, was designed for its participants to learn about the relationship between knots and judaism in a fun, interactive Tefilla.  From prayer to Halacha to customs, knots are intertwined with Judaism.

The traditional minyan, led by Hani Fish Bieler,  was — well — traditional.  It included all the classic tunes and prayers, and was a ruach filled shacharit.

Last but not least, the Teva (nature), Omanut (art) and the Amidah minyan, led by Emily Farbman, incorporated the nature around us to create beautiful art inspired by tefilla.  Participants expressed their love, praise, and thanks through omanut and teva in the Chorsha (grove of tall trees), the most beautiful place in camp (according to some).