Alternative Tefillah: Part One

One of the special tefilla experiences here at our machaneh (camp) is the weekly opportunity to attend an alternative daily minyan on Tzad Bet (B-Side).  Our Tzevet (staff) members are invited to lead a minyan according to their special expertise, interest and focus.  And the chanichim (campers) are free to choose which to attend, affording them a special new way to approach, participate in, and engage with our age-old liturgy.  Some examples from this past Friday are featured here.  Bonus questions: which one would you attend if you had the privilege of being a chanich? and which Alternative minyan would you lead if you had the privilege of serving on our tzevet?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shacharit, with Rachel Coll;  You can’t spell truth without Ruth!

Jewish Journey Nature Walk,  with Hillel Greene;  Join us on a nature walk of our beautiful machaneh as we explore our connections to spirituality and the world around us.

Tfi-Goat, with Ilana Kaplan and Alex Kurland;  The Greatest of All Time. Tfilot with goats!

Making a Minyan: with Rebecca Weiss and Glenn Baevsky; Come experience Shacharit through art! We will do a few different craft projects as we connect with the T’filah.

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