Alternative Tefillot: Tzad Bet

Our Friday Alternative Tefillot this past Friday provided unique, individualized and creative settings to explore tefilla in new and different ways.  Our madrichim (counselors) did a marvelous job in bringing their talents, knowledge and passion to each setting.  Yasher Koach!

Tefill-me-in: tefillin wrapping workshop, led by Rabbi Andrew Pepperstone

If you have always wanted to wrap tefillin but don’t know where to start, join us in the sif for an ethereal educational experience!

Na na na na not your average minyan: nigguns and spirituality, led by Sarah Berman and Natan Fandel

A musical, melodious minyan full of alternative tunes, learning, and spirituality! Come sing your heart out!

Nacha-move your body: Tefilot boot camp, led by Liat Shapiro and Izzy Cohen

For the stretches and gatorade to your hashem-praising, join us! Get ready to move your body and give thanks with movement! 

O(manut) my lord, led by Emily Farbman

Thank hashem using arts and crafts! Express your blessings through paper, markers, scissors and glue!

Basketb-aleinu leshabeach la’adon hakol: religion and sports, led by Yoni Offit

For an insightful take on sports and religion, come to the medurah by the agam for discussions and davening!

Shhhhhhhhhhacharit part 5: divine, devoted davening, led by Noah Glickman and Matan Rosenfeld 

For a calm, cool, collected and spiritual davening experience, look no further! Join us on the red structure for meditation, deep breathing, and kavanah!

And for those who prefer:

Traditional Minyan: 

For a minyan with all the classic tunes and prayers you are used to, come to the beit Knesset for a ruach filled shacharit!