Alternative Tefilot (prayer services): Part One

One of the special tefilla experiences here at our machaneh (camp) is the weekly opportunity to attend an alternative daily minyan on Tzad Bet (B-Side).  Our Tzevet (staff) members are invited and encouraged to lead a minyan according to their special expertise, interest and focus.  And the chanichim (campers) are free to choose which to attend, affording them a special new way to approach, participate in, and engage with our age-old liturgy.  Some examples from this past Friday are featured here.  Bonus questions: which one would you attend if you had the privilege of being a chanich? and which Alternative minyan would you lead if you had the privilege of serving on our tzevet?

Learner’s Minyan with Josh Kulp — Confused about what to do during Tfilot? Don’t understand the words, the motions, and in general feeling lost? This is your opportunity to ask all of your questions!

Making a Minyan with Glenn Baevsky and Gabe Smestad — Come experience Shacharit through art! We will do a few different craft projects as we connect with the T’filah.

Not your Average T’filah with Talia Harlow — Join us next to the beautiful agam as we explore our connections to T’filah and camp! Learn new tunes, chat about our favorite prayers, and explore how the words relate to our time at machaneh.  A personal note in case you’re curious: Talia’s grandfather is, yes, Rabbi Jules Harlow, our movement’s chief liturgist.

Shhhh-acharit with Noah Glickman and Matan Rosenfeld — Back by popular demand! Is the excitement of camp a little too much? Come relax, decompress, and reflect with us in our meditation Shacharit.


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