Ami Amitzim Anachnu Mishpacha!

Amitzim has had a fantastic start to camp! After settling into our tzrifim we met all of our counselors and campers and learned the edah song to the tune of Ivdu (a favorite Hebrew song at camp). One line, the title of this post, is "Ami Amitzim, Anachu Mishpacha"- Amitzim, we are a family. We are already feeling like a family, singing songs together, helping each other clean up at meals, and making each other Shabbat-o-grams (Shabbat greeting cards). 

Last night we had our first weekly medura-campfire- at which we sang songs, made yummy snacks, and spent time with our friends in Voc Ed. We are excited that we will be able to have campfires like this every Thursday night!


Tonight we will be celebrating our first Shabbat together. We are looking forward to putting on nice clothes, praying and singing with the entire camp, and spending the afternoon relaxing and playing games. Stay tuned for more Amitzim and Tikvah news! 

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