Amitzim Begins Second Session!

We’ve officially embarked on the second half of our journey this summer, and we’re so excited for everything that’s in store!  All our new chanichim (campers) arrived on Wednesday, and everyone is getting into the routine of camp smoothly.  Wednesday afternoon we had the chance to learn some new songs in shira (singing) with Ami Yares, a musician and longtime Amitzim friend.  Ami also came to our tefillot (prayers) this morning to play guitar and add some special tunes for Shira B’Shishi (musical services on Friday mornings).

Last night at our weekly medurah (campfire) we got into the spirit of our machazemer (play) – Prince of Egypt – by talking about the ten plagues.  After listing them we acted each one out all together around the fire, which was tons of fun.  Our medurah continued with some singing, and then everyone enjoyed s’mores.  We’ve concluded our regular schedule for today, and are now transitioning into shabbat mode in our bunks.  Wishing everyone a shabbat shalom from Palmer!

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