Amitzim celebrates Shabbat!

Shavua Tov from Palmer! Our first Shabbat in Amitzim was a huge success. We enjoyed a ruach filled Shabbat service together on Friday night, camp wide Shabbat dinner and singing and dancing throughout the night. Yesterday the chanichim had a jam packed day filled with services, a Shabbat walk, free swim at the agam, a yasher koach award ceremony to celebrate all of the great things the campers had done throughout the week and so much more.

A highlight of our Shabbat service was during the Torah service. One of our campers, who is brand new to camp, read beautifully from the Torah. A little later on two of the madrichim (counselors) acted out a silly skit to teach the story of the week’s Torah portion. The whole edah enjoyed learning about the story of Moses hitting the rock.

We were able to rest, spend time with friends and have fun! Here are a few pictures from right before Shabbat, all dressed up in our nice clothes:

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