Amitzim gets ready for Shabbat!

Each Friday Amitzim gets ready for Shabbat together, puts on our nicest clothes and freshens up. We then come together for a “Shabbat circle” where we reflect on the week and either learn a song or listen to a story to get us in the mood to celebrate Shabbat together. As we get ready today for our 5th Shabbat at camp we want to reflect on the summer and all of the awesome activities we have had the chance to do so far. When I gather the campers into the Shabbat circle I always ask them to share one thing they are thankful for from the week or one awesome thing that happened to them. Last week (where these photos are from), the campers shared they are thankful for their hardworking counselors (me too!), for their bunks, for their friends, for their various buddies around camp and so much more. I wanted the chance to share this Shabbat spirit with all of you as we get ready in a few hours… Shabbat Shalom!

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