Amitzim: Reunite the World!

What a busy week it is for Amitzim! We just celebrated Shabbat Tikvah together with our friends in the Voc Ed program in which we sang and danced in front of the entire camp. This afternoon we will cheer our friends on staff on as they play in the Shapell Classic softball game. This game is played each year to honor the memory of Jake Shapell, a former Tikvah camper who passed away almost 5 years ago. 

Tomorrow night is the Amitzim play!(The title of this post also happens to be the title of the play.) In it we will teach the camp about Jews who live in different parts of the world who have traditions different from our own. Of course, the lesson we have learned is that we all actually have a lot in common. We have been working very hard to learn our lines and practice the songs we are singing and can't wait to perform! 

If you are wondering why so many special events have been happening for us at once, it is because we are celebrating this summer the 40th anniversary of the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah! Our Tikvah reunion has been postponed, but for now we are enjoying sharing all of these wonderful things with our Ramah New England family!

Stay tuned for reports on the game and the play!


Ariella Rosen

Rosh Amitzim

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