Amitzim’s Week in Pixar

The past few days in Amitzim have flown by!  Coming off a wonderful Yom Monsters Inc., we’re loving getting back into our regular schedule for this Pixar-themed week.  Even with all of the rain we’ve had over the past few days, Amitzim is full of excitement and fun.  On Wednesday night – in the midst of the first storm – we had an indoor superhero obstacle course to practice using our individual superpowers.  Afterwards, we combined our strength to defeat an evil monster who was trying to attack the moadon (edah common space).  Thursday night’s weekly medurah (campfire) was relocated to the moadon because of the weather, and we had an incredible Tikvah talent show.  Many of the campers performed songs, dances, stories, and more, and it was such a beautiful communal time for everyone.  Videos of two performances are included below!

Today we’re celebrating the Fourth of July as well as a camper’s birthday, which is especially exciting.  At this very moment we’re well into the process of getting ready for shabbat, transitioning into the weekend by spending time with our bunks and getting dressed up for the occasion.  We’re all looking forward to some well-deserved rest before another week jam-packed with excitement.  Shabbat shalom!

Talent Show Videos:

The Wiggles Medley

In My Own Little Corner






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