Amitzim’s Day of Planes, Trains, and Firetrucks!


Amitzim has had a fantastic week! We loved spending time
with our parents and other family members and friends who came on Visitor’s Day
on Sunday. On Monday we spent a lot of time practicing for our play (which will
be this coming Sunday), watched a movie with Tzad Alef campers, and played
kickball with our friends in Machon. On Tuesday, we observed Tisha B’Av with
the rest of camp, participating in special prayer services and educational activities.
We especially liked focusing on the idea of using our words to do good things
rather than to hurt others.

Wednesday was by far the highlight of our week. We had “Yom
Transportation” and went on a trip along with our friends from Voc Ed. We spent
the morning at the New England Air Museum where we got a tour about the history
of flight. We even got to see and climb into old airplanes that were used as
far back as World War II!




The museum staff led some activities and crafts for us, and
after a quick packout lunch we went to our next destination: The Connecticut
Trolley Museum. We got to ride in a trolley car that was built in 1926 and
learn about what life was like back then. We had so much fun that we all
decided to ride twice! Inside the museum were other old trolley cars and
models, and right next door was a fire truck museum that housed trucks from the
last 100 years. It was so interesting!


After a fun and tiring day, we returned to camp, showered,
and had dinner. We finished our day in a relaxing way by painting the set for
our play.

Amitzim is now getting ready for our 5th Shabbat
at camp. Where has the time gone? Check back soon for news about the Amitzim

Shabbat Shalom,


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