Amitzim’s Yom Meyuchad

Yesterday Amitzim had our first Yom Meyuchad of the session. The counselors planned a day around health and fitness programming. We started the morning by creating a giant food pyramid together and learning about different types of foods and their health benefits. We then weaved our own place mats and moved around to a fitness video. As the morning progressed we went to a special kitchen in camp and cooked our own lunch. The menu included pizza with tons of veggie toppings and a fancy fruit salad. The kids had a great time cooking their own lunch and getting to enjoy it too!

After lunch we had a special visitor from out of camp who taught a story called “Eliezer v’ ha Gezer” (Eliezer and the carrot). After hearing the story in Hebrew the campers created their own puppet characters, acted out a short skit and cooked a carrot salad together. It was great to have a visitor do this unique program and it was great to learn some new Hebrew words and songs. Amitzim really enjoyed the day and is looking forward to one more week of great programs!

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