Amitzim’s Yom Yisrael!

On Monday Amitzim celebrated our own Yom Yisrael for Yom Meyuchad (special day), and it was nothing short of spectacular!  We started our journey with an archaeological dig on the volleyball court, where we dug up puzzle pieces to reconstruct a poster with all our names on it.  Next we went on a thrilling scavenger hunt around Tzad Bet (B Side), which brought us to a medurah (campfire) by the agam (lake).  There, we learned about the kinds of animals that are native to Israel, as well as about Israeli food and people.  We sang Hebrew songs, and even made pita over the fire as a snack.  Afterwards we returned to our moadon (communal space) to draw pictures of evil on a giant paper, which we then stormed through to symbolize national freedom and independence.  The afternoon included an intense session of Israeli army training, making Israeli flags out of food, and a Tel Aviv dance party.  To top off our exciting day we watched The Prince of Egypt – our upcoming play! – with our friends from Machon who will be putting on the show with us.


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