Announcing Our New Logo!

Shalom Ramah New England community,

A new day is dawning for Ramah New England! We are looking forward to reopening our overnight and day camps in 2021 and to resuming the joyous Jewish living, fun and friendships that Ramah summers create!

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had nearly completed a process to develop new branding for our camp and a new logo design that would properly represent our organization and its mission. Over the years, our organization has grown: we established our great day camp in 2015, significantly increased enrollment at our overnight camp, and launched many new year-round programs. However, we felt that it wasn’t the right time to launch a new design as our camps were being shut down for the summer. Now, as a new dawn is rising, we are proud to launch our new design!


This logo in our design represents the sun rising over Ramah. At our overnight camp, the sun rising over the agam (our lake) is an iconic image. A rising sun sparks the imagination and symbolizes the possibilities that each new day at camp brings. The Jewish star at the center of our sun symbolizes that Judaism permeates everything that we do in a welcoming and joyous way. The design evokes joy, fun, a sense of adventure.

Because everyone has a different relationship with Ramah New England, we want to clarify the branches of our organization:

  • Ramah New England is the umbrella name of our organization.
  • Camp Ramah New England is the name of our overnight camp in Palmer, MA.
  • Ramah Day Camp Greater DC is the name of our day camp in Germantown, MD.
  • Ramah Year-Round is the name of our year-round programs, both in our communities and at our camps.

When you go to our websites, interact with us on social media, and read our materials, we trust you will see an organization that weaves together fun and meaningful Jewish experiences with all the activities kids love — all in a welcoming, inclusive environment, where kids make life-long friends and are mentored by inspiring role models. 

Of course, new swag creations will be an added bonus!

Happy Hanukkah – we look forward to a great future together! 

The Ramah New England Team


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