The Beauty and Meaning of Hebrew Names: Mia from Shoafim, Aviya a Madricha, and Yael Tova from Machon

Yehuda Gubani of our tzevet Tarbut Yisraelit (Israeli Culture staff) explained the meaning of several Hebrew names to the large crowd at different aruchot (meals) this week in the chadar ochel (dining room).  He then introduced chanichim (campers) who bear those names, and they further explained the personal meaning of why those names were chosen for them.

He explained at aruchat boker (breakfast) that the name Mia means “from God”.  Mia (pictured above), a chanicha (camper) in adat-haShoafim, explained to everyone in the chadar Ochel that she was named for her grandmother and great-grandmother.

Aviya (photo below), a madricha (counselor) from Israel, explained that her mother’s father had died a few months before she was born, and her mother chose a name that would keep his memory alive.

Yael Tova (photo, below), a chanicha in Machon, explained that her name means “Good will Triumph”, and she was born soon after 9/11/2001.  Her parents chose this name as they really believe that this is true — that good will triumph.