BERKSHIRES! BERKSHIRES! (clap clap clap clap)

Well it is that time of summer again: the mud is knocked off the cleats, new jerseys are brought out of boxes and the entirety of B-side gears up for a day of fun and competition with Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. This summer I think that the teams fielded by Palmer look strong and so does the ruach. This summer we are hosting Ramah in the Berkshires here at Palmer and I think we are all excited to have them and excited for the day. We will also be hosting last year’s Nivonim on the same day as Berkshires for Seminar day as well as a brief ceremony in memory of Joshua Guitelman of Niv ’08. The day will be packed and emotional and it is moments like these that really show us what a special place camp Ramah is.

                Aside from sporting preparations we are also gearing up to gear down. We are sprinting across the finish line with a lot of fun programming and end of the summer projects like the yearbook and the take home project. I have also begun to help the Nivonimers transition into their role as staff members by including a few in our staff meetings and putting them in charge of some Nivonim programming and tasks. The campers are taking to the responsibility well (which isn’t too surprising) and I am wishing I had put them in charge weeks ago!

Wish us luck and wish us good weather, we wish you a pleasant week and we will see you all soon.


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