B’nai Mitzvah Campers Give in a Big Way!

Pictured top left clockwise: Ari Rein, Gabby Rubenstein, David Federowicz and Yael Jacobs

We all know how much our chanichim (campers) love Ramah. Our tzevet (staff) see it on their faces every day at camp. During the year, their love for camp is reflected in the camp songs that they sing on Shabbat, their participation in camp reunions, and in their informal gatherings with their camp friends. And we see their expressions of joy when they reunite each summer at camp, their home away from home.

Every year, we invite our chanichim who are preparing to become a B’nai Mitzvah to include Ramah New England in their simchas, by encouraging family and friends to donate to camp in lieu of gifts. We make it easy for chanichim to create their own peer-to-peer giving pages. Each person who raises $500 or more for camp is recognized in front of their edah and receives some awesome Ramah SWAG!

We are so grateful for all the chanichim who have raised much needed funds for our Scholarship Fund, our Tikvah Program, or simply where it is needed most, over the past years.

This has been an extraordinary and unprecedented year for camper giving. This is the year that our chanichim took giving to camp to a whole new level. Four of our campers raised and/or donated between $500 and $6,000!

Our chanichim used multiple strategies to raise these funds: several donated their own money or encouraged family and friends to donate to camp through their B’nai Mitzvah giving page, while one used a hybrid system to match other donations dollar for dollar.

Todah Rabbah to the following chanichim for stepping up and giving in such a big way this year:

David Federowicz (Palmer Camper 2021-present)

Yael Jacobs (DC Day Camp/Palmer Camper 2017-present)

Ari Rein (DC Day Camp/Palmer Camper 2015-present)

Gabby Rubenstein (Palmer Camper 2019-present)

Collectively, they raised over $12,000.00 for Ramah New England!

 When asked why they decided to raise money for camp in honor of their B’nai Mitzvah, here is what they had to say:

Ari – “I love camp and wanted to help anyone who wants to go to camp. I wanted to help those that might not be able to afford to come back, too. I wanted to help my Ramah community; to help others have this amazing and fun experience and make friends for life. As the son of a rabbi, I realized I was going to receive a lot of gifts and I felt like I had to show that I cared about this. It was important for me to contribute, too – not just asking others to give. I also knew that offering up this giving match challenge would be an incentive to others to give. And it worked!”

Gabby“I donated to camp because it is my second home. I knew that donating would make my experience better and make it possible for other kids to experience the sheer joy I find at Ramah.”

David“In preparing for my Bar Mitzvah I thought a lot about the wonderful community I am part of at Camp Ramah in Palmer. I have decided I’d like to send a portion of the money I received as gifts from my Bar Mitzvah to help provide scholarships for other campers to attend Ramah. I’d like to help cover camp costs for campers who many need the help.”

 Yael“I had such a great experience at camp over the past several summers and wanted to help other kids have the same wonderful experience!”

Is your child preparing for their B’nai Mitzvah? Please consider including Ramah New England in your simcha, just as Ari, Gabby, David, and Yael did. If you have any questions regarding our peer-to-peer-fundraising form, or other ways to support camp, please contact Mindy Goldstein.

Kol hakavod Ari, Gabby, David, and Yael! We look forward to the day when they take on leadership roles at camp. We know that they will continue to set a wonderful example for others.

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