Bogrim – a fantastic week and ready for shabbat


Bogrim had a fantastic first week of second session with three fantastic peulot erev, two great peulot tzrif (bunk activities), and two fascinating presentations from visitors to New England.

After their Etz Hayim fashion show, Bogrim traveled to Ben Yehudah Street, Jerusalem for the second night. They competed in games by bunk to win “Bogrim Bucks.” With their “Bogrim Bucks,” they learned about haggling and bargaining culture in Jerusalem and practiced their haggling skills to “buy” fun bunk activities, such as a picnic with their rosh edah or yoga with a counselor. The campers were thrilled to buy and win special prizes.

The next day, Daniel Laufer, head of Ramah Israel Programs, presented on Tichon Ramah Yerushalyim (TRY), the Ramah movement’s smester-long high school in Jerusalem program. As the Bogrim campers are about to enter high school, they attentively asked questions of Daniel and heard from one of their own counselors who is a TRY alum.

That Thursday evening for the weekly bonfire, each Bogrimer was paired with another Bogrimer whom they were anxious to get to know better. The pairings dressed up as “dynamic duos,” such as salt and pepper or Popeye and Spinach. They enjoyed a relaxing, song-filled camp fire but just with a little more spunk and style – pictures to come!

Bogrim camper tried to get a cookie into her mouth without using hands

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