Bogrim begins Machzor Sheini (second session)!


After an amazing first session, Bogrim 2011 is back in action. Yesterday new chanichim (campers) arrived at camp, and we immediately got back into the swing of things. Yesterday we spent the day getting to know each other through ice breakers and activities. It was lots of fun to reconnect with old friends, and make some new ones!

Today we had a Yom Ragil (regular day). A Yom Ragil at Camp Ramah includes many exciting activities. These include chugim (activities) such as claymaking, silk painting, fun water activities, basketball, and many more. Additionally we learn about Judaism during Yehadut, and work on our Hebrew skills during Ivrit.

Overall it is a fun filled day, and it feels great to be back in the swing of things. The pictures below highlight some of the fun activities that our chanichim get to participate in.

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